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An inviting tabletop should always be adorned with discerning cutlery and décor to enhance the dining experience. We provide the most comprehensive selection of unique types of spoons, forks, knives, and assorted flatware in a variety of finishes that would suit any type of diverse setting.



China or dinnerware should enhance food presentation and should go beyond function. It should communicate the personality and overall ambience of the place for the most impressive dining experience. We will help you choose the right dinnerware as we have a limitless choice of patterns available in our portfolio. Cost, durability, style, and purpose are some of the factors we take in recommending chinaware.



As the first item normally brought to a table is a drink, style and appearance, durability, and functionality, are the key characteristics to consider when choosing the right glassware for your establishment. Having the proper glass for a variety of beverages will enhance the overall dining experience. Shape and design will add to the enjoyment of the beverage being consumed.



It may be interesting to know that a restaurant placemat grabs more attention than other types of pictures, artwork, and images that might hung about the place. As this may be the first item noticed on the table when they are sat, a placemat adds to the overall tabletop look and restaurant ambience when dining. We will assist you in choosing the right placemat for your establishment.

Table Linens

Table Linens

Linens are one of the few things that immediately catch customers’ attention, signifying the type of experience they will have. Selecting the right, high quality table linen for your restaurant can immediately improve and enhance the success of your business. Proper linen helps set the mood for the experience to come.



Renarte offers the best selection of the most functional catering equipment to include tables, linen, chinaware, cutlery, glass and much, much more, from the best in the industry to provide our customers with all their banqueting requirements. Stunning buffet displays and equipment by designers and developers focusing on product creation and space curation for the hospitality industry are all at your fingertips.

Why we are on the TOP?

The tabletop is the heart of a dining establishment defining the customer experience. Dining atmosphere, plating, and the food itself meet on the top of the table. In the hospitality industry, it enhances the overall customer experience.

Renarte is the premier Canadian distributor with numerous options for amazing flatware, unique china, beautiful linen, and other tableware. We ensure all our products are manufactured with matchless durability and design. Our skilled team of professionals specialize in sourcing and selecting the best products across the globe to come up with our diversified portfolio.

We are fully equipped to cater to all the requirements of our most valued customers assuring quality at its best.

Wish to excite your guests with finest tabletops?

Contact us to get the best products in the hospitality industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Renarte Canada different to other Tabletop suppliers?

We have selected the best tabletop manufacturers in the industry. As tabletops should match the restaurant, you will be very pleased with our expertise, variety of design and extensive product offering. Shipping is arranged directly to the end user from the manufacturer’s warehouses.

How is Renarte Canada different to procurement consultancies?

Our policy matters. Since we own our own supply chain and logistic policy, we deliver items to the customers directly through the manufacturers without the help of middle-men. In fact, we are working like a consultancy that helps clients to get their products on time, that too with free of cost. We just want your generous feedback in return.

How do our services work?

  • We take our time to know your business
  • Work with you with some suggestions and options
  • Research our portfolio for the best fit for your business
  • Send samples if required, for you to be sure the product you have chosen is what you want
  • Once ordered, we expedite the process to ensure you get the goods when you need them

What kind of products can I buy?

You can opt for any kind of table top products from Renarte. We are all set to get you only the best. We have our own criteria on listing out the products. We only prioritize top-notch manufacturers as we serve only for reputed organizations and we potentially source all kind of table top amenities exclusively for the hospitality industry.

How can you be less expensive than the alternatives but still provide the same or better quality?

Negotiating for the best prices, direct shipping to you from the manufacturer, and assessing the best logistical and economical means to deliver your goods by reviewing estimates from carriers will give you the best overall value for your package.

Is there any quality control?

Standards that our chosen vendors keep are the highest in the industry. Their commitment to quality and value show in all their products with achieving all necessary global standards and more.

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