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Mini Bars & Safes

Mini Bars & Safes

Renarte offers latest Mini Bars in different sizes and shapes at competitive rates. We provide more energy efficient and well suited Mini and mobile bars for the hospitality sector. It’s the best way for your guests to relax.

Hotel safes is the best place to keep your valuables out of view. We offer you the best SAFES that makes the guests fee safe and secure. Let your guests keep their valuables safe.

Luggage Trolleys & Racks

Luggage Trolleys & Racks

Ideal for hotels, motels and resorts, these luggage trolleys expediently carry small as well as hand luggage in the tray in front of the handles. It makes suitcase transporting very easy. These trolleys are well-crafted and used according to the convenience of those who use it regularly.

Events & Housekeeping Amenities

Events & Housekeeping Amenities

Events & Housekeeping Amenities carries all supplies needed to make the guest comfortable during their stay at the hotel room. Renarte helps to bring the party where your guests are. Even if it is a small event, we make your guests happy and for that we provide you with the best hotel events amenities.

Why you choose us?

Renarte, like the main manufacturers they represent, has been successfully marketing hospitality amenities and supplies for many years standing by a philosophy that blends a commitment to quality and excellence with a dedication to technological advancement and innovation.

As a luxury hotel amenities supplier, we want to make sure that all our client’s requirements are completely satisfied. We work with several of our clients in developing standards that are upheld in the premier hotels and resorts around the globe. We always strive to keep the basic aesthetics, luxury and ecological concern along with operational expertise.

By effectively listening to our customers in the sales process, we can offer solutions to ensure our clients achieve the best profitability and a very positive guest experience from the products sold.

Wish to excite your guests with finest tabletops?

Contact us to get the best products in the hospitality industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Renarte Canada different to other hotel suppliers?

Renarte source products directly from hotel amenities suppliers and other manufacturers which in turn cuts down middle men. Moreover, our logistics model is different from others as we ensure faster shipping to the customers using latest technological advancements. Since we hold skilled professionals, we build best-in-class tools to support our customers. And our proactive support team reacts quickly to changes in requirements and to resolve issues.

How is Renarte Canada different to procurement consultancies?

We have our supply chain and logistics and hence we take the product title and deliver items to the customers directly through the manufacturers. We work like an archetypal consultancy but with free of cost. We just want your generous feedback in return.

How does the service work exactly?

  • We spend time to understand your product preferences
  • We work together with you to gather product specifications
  • We will research extensively to get you the best options that meet your requirements
  • We will send the available options to check with you to confirm whether they fit your requirements
  • You can check and choose the best from it
  • If you are fine with the samples, we will work together to finalise a trading
  • After that we will deliver your products to the specified location

What kind of products can I buy?

We specialise in sourcing hotel amenities exclusively for the hospitality industry. We have specific categories when it comes to hotel amenities supply and hold a wide range of products within the network. We can potentially source any product associated with hospitality industry. We make sure that we only deal with manufacturers who deliver quality products to the customers. Find more about our service.

How can you be cheaper than the alternatives but still provide the same or better quality?

We deal directly with hotel amenities manufacturers across the country that help us confirm competitive pricing. Apart from fair pricing, we ensure you long and trusted relationship which helps us both in future endeavour. Our extensive distribution model enhances efficacies and customer service, and it positively impacts our charges, as well as the environment.

Is there any quality control?

Yes. We check the quality of all our manufacturers and ensure that they meet our standards. We strictly insist to our producers to add value to all their products and check whether they hold the ability to provide records on full product traceability and safety. We partner with manufacturers who continuously work to enhance the quality of their products, following all the basic criteria like reduction of plastic use, carbon-offsetting and low energy consumption.

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